No Egrets Estate Sales, getting ready for our busy season

Our summer season has already produced some great items for attendees of our estate sales.

As the summer rolls on, No Egrets Estate Sales is busy getting ready for two exciting events this summer. All are located in the Milwaukee area and we are just starting to discover the prizes and surprises we will be offering for sale.

I’ll be posting the dates and locations before each sale is about to start and also advertise the sales in the Milwaukee Journal, on line at Estate and craigslist. We will include ads in the Auction Action Antique News, weekly paper before each sale.

I’ll ad tickler photos as we start to open closets, chests and attics.

Please watch for these sales or email me for updates for the dates, places and times. Hope to see you at all the sales.

The Dean

No Egrets Estate Sales

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One More Estate Sale Completed in the greater Milwaukee area by No Egrets

Little Egret   No Egrets Estate Sales email:

Success is measured in two opposing results at an estate sale, the number of items you sell and how much money you make for a client.  In our latest sale in Greenfield WI the volume of goods sold was very high, but with disappointing results on the high-end furniture left unsold.      

Rose Wood Glass Break Front


Two items stand out that should have sold,  a very tall secretary with glass front top and a large glass front display case used to hold decorator plates, fine glass objects and other collectibles.

Traffic throughout the three day sale was strong and kept staff busy helping customers with questions, requests, showing items secured in cases, bringing heavy items to the checkout counter and wrapping and bagging purchases.

And there are always the questions, “Do you have a magnifier, What is this, How old is it, Does it work, How does it work, What could I use it for, Where would I put it in my house, What would my spouse say if I brought it home?”

Now I have an answer for the first question, every item is always a wall hanging, planter, plant stand, candle holder, flower vase or jewelry box. Furniture is always a storage cabinet, an object to sit on, or a place to throw your clothes on.

As for the spouse, say you bought it for their birthday.

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A Primer on Estate Sales by No Egrets

A Primer on Estate Sales by No Egrets.

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A Primer on Estate Sales by No Egrets

Little Egret No Egrets Estate Sales

A Primer For Transition Through An Estate Sale

When the task of transition for you, a loved one or as the executor of an estate, many questions arise concerning the disposal of personal property. Too often this becomes a time fraught with emotional feelings, quick and regrettable decisions.

Recent clients took nearly a year to decide on selling the family home and personal property of a loved one that had moved into an assisted living home. More common is the frantic call for an estate sale after a home has already been sold, and needing to be cleared for the new owners. This presents logistic problems for any estate service. The time for setting up, researching, pricing and advertising is often many weeks of advance work, before the actual sale begins.

Our first piece of advice is that family items are identified and distributed to the family. That eliminates regrets after the sale is over and the object is long gone.

When several members of a family are involved in the decision process of who wants what, we suggest all involved identify or remove items before we make our decision to conduct the sale.

One solution used before, if two or more parties are interested in the same piece, a blind bid is placed with the executor of the estate or the estate sale company to halt any argument, with the high bid receiving the item.

That said, we also recommend nothing should be disposed of until it is reviewed by our estate company. That is part of our service, and we are the best judge of what is sellable at what price and what has no salable value. One persons junk is another’s collecting passion.

Collectibles and slightly used items are sellable, there is a collector for almost everything, and often items are reused for other then their original purpose.

Items of a utilitarian nature are also sold, when the normal tendency would be to discard them. If the items don’t sell by the end of the estate sale, then is the time to dispose of them, normally to a charity of you’re choosing.

Advertising is important for success, but to insure effective placement of advertising, No Egrets will pay one half of all advertising costs. Road signage is part of our service at no cost to the estate. Permits required in some communities are at owners expense.

Research is conducted on items that are not within the normal scope of our expertise, and requires extra time for research, and included in our setup expenses.

All items are priced and staged for easy viewing, items of higher value are kept at the checkout area with small items placed in locked cases.

Our employees are there to help customers and prevent items from disappearing. All customers receive a written receipt, and state tax is collected on all sales, which we pay to the state.

Disposal of left over items are the trustee’s decision, and should be discussed and added as part of the contract. That includes disposal to a charity, or a removal service.

We welcome the opportunity to further discuss your need for our service, or help finding a service in your area

No Egrets Estate Sales,  Dean and Valerie

414-916-7829   email:

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New Year, New chance to shop for Antiques at Waukesha Antique Mall Dicker Days






No Egrets Visits On New Years Day At Waukesha Antique Mall

One of our favorite hunting ground stores for antiques had its special New Year’s Day sale called Dicker Days, where most dealers are in      attendance and you are free to discuss the price you would prefer to pay on more expensive items. .   This event is always held New Year’s Day, and after getting the coffee brewing for our trip out to Waukesha WI we are ready with an empty van and some cash money to see what we can see.  Most booths have posted discounts already that makes dickering unnecessary on smaller pieces.

The crowd was thick. The action between enthusiastic buyers and willing dealers sweep thru the building and the array of antiques and collectibles was way above par, and helped to excite the buyers. The check-out counter was fully staffed to assist by holding our items while we continued to shop and efficient at check-out time.

We greeted many old friends and aquaintances as we were carousing through the isles. Folks we see at antique shows were we sell our goods. We stop to share stories of recent finds, all success stories, never our mistakes.

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Reflecting on our most recent estate sale in Greenfield WI

No Egrets Estate Sales

No Egrets Estate Sales

We want to thank all the attendee’s that visited our estate sale in Greenfield WI. September 22nd to 26th.

It was a great estate sale. The home was filled with works by local artist Julie and several others. Framed prints and original art works were plentiful and new owners of these all expressed delight, while explaining their “perfect place” for each piece.

The passion of the homes owners had been Asian furnishings, and many beautiful well maintained black lacquered Asian decorated pieces were purchased by delighted buyers. Figurines and wall decor, also in the Asian style, dominated the buyers attention.

Household furnishings sold well, including a great Rosewood & glass, four section breakfront, with glass shelving and lighting inside. A Rosewood dining set with eight chairs, plus a Sleep Number bed and other furniture, all the kitchen gadgets, office products and a ton of hand tools and wood working machines plus garage and garden stuff all went to delighted buyers.

The owner expressed gratitude for our hard work of staging, pricing, displaying and finely running the sale to the satisfaction of both the seller and the multitude of buyers.

We are looking forward to some free time after this huge sale, but keep NO EGRETS ESTATE SALES in mind if you or a loved one needs help maximizing the assets of an estate.

No Egrets can be reached by email at  Our sales are listed in the Milwaukee Journal – Sentinel, local weekly papers where needed, here on our web site and at EstateSales.Net  , (a broad coverage site with definable regional reach).

May we be of service to your family?

,No Egrets Estate SalesNo Egrets Estate Sales

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A Delightful Crowd, of Happy Buyers at Our Recent Estate Sale In Greenfield WI.

No Egrets had the honor to be selected for a very important collector of fine Asian furnishings, art prints, paintings and figurines along with an array of power tools gardening tools and other household and office items and supplies.

Rose Wood Glass Break Front

Rose Wood Glass Break Front

The crowds each day responded to all the wonderful assortment of unusual furnishings, and beautifully painted pictures. As always, the crowd was signed in very early and we had the doors open on time for the eager buyers.

I will continue to keep you informed when we have our next sale, and if you prefer, I will and your email address to our mailing list/.  Just drop a note to:


Dean & Val

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