No Egrets Estate Sales

A Thank you Note to our Estate Sale Customers

One great sale after another. First our success at the Milwaukee Beer Museum, which may never be topped, in large part with all the beer – brewing advertising, and two antique Fords, along with the unusal array of glassware, barware and houshold items.

But near that top is this last sale just finished in New Berlin WI, A sportsmen’s dream, a handy mans pleasure, and lovely home furnishings, artworks and useful objects through-out to boot.

Now I won’t tease you with a list of all the treasures you missed at this sale, in the house (2 floors), basement and 2 garages, if you missed this last sale. its enough said.

Our usual customers that digently watch for our sales and that we see at all of our sales, the neighbors near the sale site and folks responding to newspaper ads, online at and estate sale signs around the area, all enjoyed the offerings we carefully arranged for easy viewing and set out for your approval.

Our decission to only take sales with good quality furnishings, rare items. great collections or interesting artworks, gets our customers longing for our next sale (if we ever do another) “Quote from Valerie”

And lastly we thank the owners of that lovely home for selecting No Egrets to handle their estste sale.

Best Regards Valerie & Dean

 No Egrets Antiques and Estate Sales


About noegretsantiques

With Wifie, we are life long collectors and dealers in antiques and collectables. Selling at antique shows and flea markets along with internet sales. A big part of our time is spent on estate sales, with a good deal of prep work to state the items to be sold and in doing research to properly price each item. As antique collectors and dealers, aged items are easy, it’s often newer things that we need to research for proper pricing. No Egrets is our company name and yes it is a play on words.
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