One More Estate Sale Completed in the greater Milwaukee area by No Egrets

Little Egret   No Egrets Estate Sales email:

Success is measured in two opposing results at an estate sale, the number of items you sell and how much money you make for a client.  In our latest sale in Greenfield WI the volume of goods sold was very high, but with disappointing results on the high-end furniture left unsold.      

Rose Wood Glass Break Front


Two items stand out that should have sold,  a very tall secretary with glass front top and a large glass front display case used to hold decorator plates, fine glass objects and other collectibles.

Traffic throughout the three day sale was strong and kept staff busy helping customers with questions, requests, showing items secured in cases, bringing heavy items to the checkout counter and wrapping and bagging purchases.

And there are always the questions, “Do you have a magnifier, What is this, How old is it, Does it work, How does it work, What could I use it for, Where would I put it in my house, What would my spouse say if I brought it home?”

Now I have an answer for the first question, every item is always a wall hanging, planter, plant stand, candle holder, flower vase or jewelry box. Furniture is always a storage cabinet, an object to sit on, or a place to throw your clothes on.

As for the spouse, say you bought it for their birthday.


About noegretsantiques

With Wifie, we are life long collectors and dealers in antiques and collectables. Selling at antique shows and flea markets along with internet sales. A big part of our time is spent on estate sales, with a good deal of prep work to state the items to be sold and in doing research to properly price each item. As antique collectors and dealers, aged items are easy, it’s often newer things that we need to research for proper pricing. No Egrets is our company name and yes it is a play on words.
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