New Year, New chance to shop for Antiques at Waukesha Antique Mall Dicker Days






No Egrets Visits On New Years Day At Waukesha Antique Mall

One of our favorite hunting ground stores for antiques had its special New Year’s Day sale called Dicker Days, where most dealers are in      attendance and you are free to discuss the price you would prefer to pay on more expensive items. .   This event is always held New Year’s Day, and after getting the coffee brewing for our trip out to Waukesha WI we are ready with an empty van and some cash money to see what we can see.  Most booths have posted discounts already that makes dickering unnecessary on smaller pieces.

The crowd was thick. The action between enthusiastic buyers and willing dealers sweep thru the building and the array of antiques and collectibles was way above par, and helped to excite the buyers. The check-out counter was fully staffed to assist by holding our items while we continued to shop and efficient at check-out time.

We greeted many old friends and aquaintances as we were carousing through the isles. Folks we see at antique shows were we sell our goods. We stop to share stories of recent finds, all success stories, never our mistakes.


About noegretsantiques

With Wifie, we are life long collectors and dealers in antiques and collectables. Selling at antique shows and flea markets along with internet sales. A big part of our time is spent on estate sales, with a good deal of prep work to state the items to be sold and in doing research to properly price each item. As antique collectors and dealers, aged items are easy, it’s often newer things that we need to research for proper pricing. No Egrets is our company name and yes it is a play on words.
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