Our Next Estate Sale in Greenfield WI, will be August 20-21st

No Egrets Estate Sales

We Welcome you to our sale.

Located at 3406 W. Edgerton Ave. on the corner of South 34th street, this estate sale as wonderers for all to see.  Quality and utility are the key words for this estate sale, from the wonderful furniture,  to the kitchen electrics, from the decorative figurines to the assortment of light bulbs in the garage.

Newer living room furniture, power operated tilt bed and chair, lovely vintage baby clothing, a cedar chest, bed room furniture and a sewing machine, the list goes on.

The assortment of jewelry is amazing and the fashion conscious customer will be most pleased.

No Egrets Estate Sales will open the door at 3406 W. Edgerton Ave, at 10:00 am on Wednesday August 20th and close at 6:00pm and on Thursday August 21st till 4:00pm.

The sign-up sheet is out at 9:00 am both days.



About noegretsantiques

With Wifie, we are life long collectors and dealers in antiques and collectables. Selling at antique shows and flea markets along with internet sales. A big part of our time is spent on estate sales, with a good deal of prep work to state the items to be sold and in doing research to properly price each item. As antique collectors and dealers, aged items are easy, it’s often newer things that we need to research for proper pricing. No Egrets is our company name and yes it is a play on words.
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